Dr. Simeons HCG Diet History

Dr. Simeons HCG DietThe History of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet, which was first discovered and developed by Dr. ATW Simeons a British physician.

Dr. Simeons had accidently stumbled upon the weight loss effects of the HCG hormone when he was working in India in the early 1950s. When he was testing with the hormone, he noticed that the boys who were injected with the hormone showed signs of a considerable decrease in the circumference of their hips, even though they weren’t on a low calorie diet.

Later, when he went through these findings again, he tested his hypothesis that the body fat of a specific person can be considerably reduced with the help of the HCG hormone along with a strict diet of 500-700 calories per day and it proved to be correct. He also reported that the HCG diet plan would be much easier to go through as compared to other diets as the HCG hormone also has a appetite reducing feature which means that the person on the diet would go through the day without hunger pangs. When he started testing his diet plan, he found that the patients or people were shedding around 1-2 ponds on a daily basis.

For the next 10 years, Doctor Simeons experimented with the hormone as well as specific foods and proved that both men and women can benefit from the HCG hormone. Gradually, word spread about the work that the doctor was doing and so different physicians traveled from all over the world to Rome to learn about his findings on HCG.

Because his work was being appreciated so much, Dr. Simeons wrote and published a book called “Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity”, which contained all of his findings so that physicians and normal people alike, could make use of it. After the publication of this book, a lot of ‘Fat clinics’ were formed both in Europe and US to help people lose excessive weight.

Many years later, in 2007 a man named Kevin Tradeau ventured into the findings of Dr. Simeons and published a book of his own called “the weight loss cure, what THEY don’t want you to know”. This book essentially had all the information that Simeons had published and it managed to stir up the attention the HCG diet deserved. Initially HCG was only available in injections, but eventually, homeopaths began to understand the importance of the HCG hormone and so homeopathic HCG drops were manufactured in 2007 as an alternative to the injections.

Today, both HCG drops, as well as HCG injections are being sold and distributed to people all around the globe and many passionate people are still trying to make the HCG diet a standard in quick weight loss.


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